5. I Cannot See The Content I Purchased

1 min. readlast update: 04.01.2021

To view paid premium content on GetBackUp.tv you must have previously purchased either a livestream concert ticket or a piece of premium content. If you have never made a purchase you will not have an account to sign into.

If you have purchased content, you must be signed into the GBU system to view that content. Below are instructions to Sign In.

  • Go to www.getbackup.tv
  • SIGN IN in top right side of screen
  • Scroll down to My Library and you will see all your paid content
  • If you have many content items you may need to click See All, or click on the ">" arrow on mobile devices to see all your purchased content.
  • Click on your livestream ticket or premium content to get to the streaming page

If you are NOT signed in, you will not see your content. Make sure you Sign In to your account and see My Library.

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