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8. How Do I Redeem A Gift Code?

If you have received a Get Back Up TV Gift Code and need to redeem it please click here: Redeem Gift Code

To redeem your gift code please go through this process. Only the person who is meant to spend the Gift Code funds should complete this process.

Your Gift Code is NOT like a coupon code. You will not use it during a normal checkout process. The process is to redeem the gift code and add the balance to your gift balance within your Get Back Up TV account and then that balance will be available to you during the Get Access Now process of checking out.

Enter your redemption code and follow the prompts to Sign In to your account to redeem.

After you have redeemed the gift code you will then need to click Get Access Now on whatever content you wish to purchase. As you go through the checkout process you will see your Gift Balance available - you will use that balance for your purchase.

You may check your Gift Balance at anytime by Signing In to your Get Back Up TV account and clicking Dashboard at the top of the page and then clicking on Billing. Your Gift Balance will be seen at the top of the Billing page.