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How do I purchase a ticket to the March 27th "The Singles" livestream concert?

Go here: https://getbackup.tv/pages/the-singles-livestream

Review each ticket level and its details, then click Purchase Livestream Ticket under the ticket you wish to purchase to begin checkout.

If this is your first purchase from GetBackUp.tv you will Create an account and then proceed through checkout. If you have previously purchased content or livestream concerts from GetBackUp.tv you will Log In and then proceed through checkout.

On the day of the show, Saturday, March 27th, you will come back to www.getbackup.tv and Sign In at the top of the page. You will see your livestream ticket under the My Library section. Click on your ticket and you'll see the countdown timer for the start of the show.

A pre-roll will start a minimum of 30 minutes prior to show time to allow you to get signed in and make sure all your audio and video connections are working properly. If you have any issue with audio or video it is most likely a local issue that may require you to reboot your internet modem or router, update your browser software, use a different browser or check to make sure your audio isn't paired to a different device.

If you have any tech issues, please search our FAQ prior to reaching out to support. Our support personnel will just point you to a FAQ article.