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3. Viewing On Roku

We are excited to have launched our Get Back Up TV Roku app. From the home screen search for the Get Back Up TV app and download it to your device.



Once you have downloaded the app , choose add channel, you can then either:  

  1. Login with your existing getbackup.tv account.
  2. Sign Up which will create a www.getbackup.tv account and allow you to view free content. You will recieve an confirmation email and link to where you can purchase premium content.  
  3. Browse all free content.  


To view content you have previously purchased (past concerts, the documentary or a livestream concert) you must Login through the app using your getbackup.tv credentials. Once you login you will be able to play your purchased content.


If you are not logged into your getbackup.tv account, premium content will display that subscription service is currently unavailable. Please ignore that message and go login.

Purchases of premium content or livestreams cannot be made inside the app. You must go to the web version of the platform at www.getbackup.tv to make all purchases. You then may view those purchases through the Roku app.


If you are having issues logging into your Get Back Up TV account on your Roku device you may need to update the Roku software. One issue we've come across is getting an "invalid credentials" error when entering your email address and password and you know you've entered then correctly.

Take these steps:

Check for any updates and run the update. Once you know your Roku device is fully updated try to login again.